A Nogless existance

This thanksgiving my family decided to come together, we chose to gathered by the lake for what promised to be a sunny day of fun & games.
Prior to this big vacation bird flu hit the US & led to the culling of most turkeys, so we had to take a new route, roast beef & yorkshire pudding. Hearing the words Yorkshire Pudding I was instantly upset, I loved those little egg based delights. What was I going to eat? Rice crackers?!? To add insult to injury this was the day the grocers decided to put eggnog on their shelves, on seeing this I made an extremely pathetic & over emotional phone call to Boyfriend, “I am going to be nogless ALL YEAR” I cried down the line. After hanging up the call, calming down, I set out on a mission to try every eggless “egg” nog on the market.

I will be ready for Christmas!! 

I tried soy nog, almond milk nog & coconut nog from various well known store brands but they were all wrong! Too thin! Too watery! Some just gross! So I took to the internet…,.
I arrived at Thanksgiving ready with 3 very different recipes to test & a crowd of family to use as guinea pigs.

The first was a raw vegan nog, it tasted delicious! But it had its faults, I like a good amount of rum in my nog, this one just didn’t mix at all with the alcohol & due to its nut content was a bit of a concern for the people in my family with allergies!

The second I tried was a vanilla pudding based nog… it was strongly agreed upon the vanilla pudding always tastes like vanilla pudding. This was sweet, vanilla flavoured & too thick , having said that it did taste great & thinned out nicely with a bit of spiced rum!

The final recipe was for a gingerbread spiced nog, it was a winner! Easy enough to make, mixed well with rums, no one was allergic! It may have helped its case that it was spiced or that it was the last one we tried but by far a winner around the Thanksgiving table.

So with a night of family bonding & rum spiked eggnog behind us, my little Dumpling & I are on our way back to Vancouver to plan our next adventure! Halloween in the Kootneys…..nog